Find the Passouk corresponding to your name

Your Name in Hebrew:

How to find corresponding Passouk?

You have to find a Passouk that fulfills 2 conditions:
The first letter of Passouk is equal to the first letter of your name
The last letter of Passouk is equal to the last letter of your name

When read this Passouk?

It is a good habit to read this Passouk in the Amida just before the last verse :

יִהְיוּ לְרָצון אִמְרֵי פִי וְהֶגְיון לִבִּי לְפָנֶיךָ. ה' צוּרִי וְגואֲלִי

Why read this verses?

At the end of our days, during our judgment, our name will be asked to us, and destabilized, we will forget our name. The book Elya Rabba teaches us that to remember our name it will be necessary to recite this verse daily.

Which one to choose if there are several Passouk fulfilling these conditions?

Take one that has a positive connotation (if in doubt, ask a Rav)